Join Us Now and Build the Dream

The Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center is a landmark, pre-Civil War factory complex located in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York, just one-half hour from Manhattan. A former textile mill, the complex now houses light industry, wholesale distributors and artists and artisans. This mix of tenants has led to the development of a flourishing and vital industrial and arts community. The company has supported the influx of artists and artisans through the creation of artist studio spaces and the designation of two spaces as galleries for annual open studio/art expo weekends and other arts-related exhibits and events.

Every rental need is unique and we mold our services to satisfy the individual requirements of the people and businesses that lease space from us. Our full-time maintenance, security and management staff ensures a working environment conducive to productivity, and ideal for economic success.

Businesses are increasingly drawn to the special nature and ambiance of this beautiful and historic complex, as well as to the many talented people who have chosen to create their works here.

The Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center serves as an important focus for the development and renewal of the lower Hudson Valley and its riverfront revitalization.