Garnerville Postcard-Garnerville Print Works


The Garner Print Works, now the site of the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, was built between 1838 and the early 20th century, and is named after the Garner brothers, the second owners of the original calico printing plant.

At one time, the plant, which became known as Rockland Print Works, employed thousands of workers and grew to include the printing and dyeing of wool, cotton and linen. The Print Works was a prolific plant and produced enough dresses to clothe every woman in America. Its stock was traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The plant, which includes more than 30 buildings, closed briefly during the Great Depression but was brought back to life in 1938 by the Garnerville Holding Company, the current owner of the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center.

The Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center complex has received historic stature. It is now listed on the New York State Register of Historic Places under the name Rockland Print Works. Visit our Historic Timeline, or for an in-depth account of the fascinating history of the former Print Works, see the full Historical Narrative set forth in our National Register Nomination. Or see the complete National Register Nomination for additional information, including architectural styles and features of the former mill buildings.

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