Posted April 12th, 2013,

Rockland County Times: The Garnerville Company Town

All of Rockland’s downtowns are products of this fervent economic growth. Nyack had its mills and shipyards, Piermont its railroad terminals, Haverstraw its brickyards. The last remaining and intact 19th century company town is Garnerville, known for brothers Thomas and James Garner whose wealth steadily grew from the power of the Minisceongo Creek.

S.W. Johnson S.F.E. Fire Company, firehouse built in 1876

S.W. Johnson S.F.E. Fire Company, firehouse built in 1876

A dam was built on the creek at Bridge Street in Garnerville and progress began. John Glass constructed immense brick mills in a campus of several buildings on the site of an 18th century grist mill. A major calico textile printing plant sprung up. The creek’s hydro energy drove leather drive bands and rope that in turn spun large printing presses and other equipment. When Mr. Glass was killed in a steamboat boiler explosion offshore of Haverstraw, the Garner brothers stepped in to grow the business.

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Rockland County Times, December 19, 2012

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June 2007

Rockland  Magazine Declares GAGA Favorite Place for Culture

Rockland Magazine (June 2007) declares Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center its “favorite place to get some culture”. “This Dickensian maze of buildings is a former pre-Civil War factory that now houses small businesses and art studios”. The annual June Arts Festival attracts over 4000 visitors who enjoy incredible art, live music and good food.