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Posted on May 5, 2013

Each month, Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center will feature a tenant business or vacant space.

Architectural Metal & Glass, Inc.

AM Architectural Metal & Glass Inc. is a quality driven company with the ability to design, engineer, fabricate and install your custom glazing project. Over the years, AM has provided an unmatched ability to deliver on time and within budget.

AM was founded in 2009, by experienced specialists within New York City’s AEC façade industry, in response to the challenges essential in integrating these specialized services. We are a family owned business and our dedicated employees are experienced project managers, estimators, trained machinists and skilled tradesmen.

AM’s Fabrication and Installation Team can be found at our Fabrication Shop. This shop is 3,000 square feet and is located in The Garnerville Industrial Center. The team is certified for all types of site procedures and equipment operations, while ensuring precision fabrication and quality installation onsite.

For projects requiring more extensive attention, the AM Design Group has the knowledge, strategic partnerships and expertise to ensure customer satisfaction. The AM Design Group provides timely construction assistance and services ranging from conceptual schematic design all the way through to professionally engineered shop and fabrication drawings. You can find our Design Team at AM’s Design Studio in Lower Manhattan.

Since 2009, AM Architectural Metal & Glass has formed a global network of strategic partnerships with Eckersley O’Callaghan, Avic Glass, Sanxin Façade Technology Group Ltd, and many more. These partnerships have provided value to our clients by leveraging world class glass suppliers, high tech manufacturers and the most cutting edge engineering. Furthermore, it has led to AM’s continuous development in offering innovative, ambitious, and elegant glass products of high quality and complicated configuration.

You can visit our website at for more information.